Dr. Richard Banker

   Dr. Richard Banker grew up in upstate New York. He attended Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, New York and Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he received degrees in X-Ray Technology and a B.S. in Biology/Chemistry. While working as Chief X-ray Technician in an Osteopathic Hospital, Dr. Banker found that the patients who had spinal manipulation fared better than the patients who had surgery. He then enrolled in Life Chiropractic College in Atlanta, Georgia and graduated in 1983. Since then, he has been serving the people of Virginia.
   Dr. Banker has worked in Alexandria and Fredricksburg in private practice treating all ages from newborn babies to a 99 year old man. He has gone to great lengths in post-graduate study to provide the best care available. This includes certifications in nutrition, the treatment of whiplash injuries and manipulation under anesthesia. Although everyone may not need this expertise, the combination of experience and education insures the best possible care.

   Dr. Banker is a member of World Wide Christion Chiropractic International and has been on many short term mision trips giving people Chiropractic who otherwise couldnít receive his expertise. These trips have proven the effectiveness of Chiropractic where traditional medicine isnít available. He has brought thousands of Bibles into Communist Cuba and treated thousands who otherwise would still live in pain. There have also been trips to the slums of Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

   The twenty-one years Dr. Banker has been a Chiropractor have been exciting ones and he has seen without a doubt that...Chiropractic works and it can work for you. It is very effective in conditions arising from illness, posture, at-home sprains, auto and work related injuries. Dr Banker would like the opportunity to show what Chiropractic has to offer you and your family. He has been serving patients in the Tappahannock area sine December of 1998.